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Parking Information

Pre-paid tickets are available in books of 15.  Each ticket is a flat fee of $5.00 for the visitor. Please make a check payable to Wexford Miami, LLC for the denomination you would like to purchase. They can be picked up at the security desk.

Contact Ed Prelaz at (786) 364-6392 for more information or to purchase the tickets.

Grace Time =  15 minutes

0hr – 1hr  =  $3.00
1hr – 2hrs =  $5.00
2hrs – 3hrs =  $7.00
3hrs – 24hrs =  $10.00

Lost Ticket = $10.00


Parking Fees

Parking fees must be paid for before you leave the building.  Please take the parking ticket you received when entering the parking lot to the Pay-On-Foot station located inside the south lobby (see image above).  The Pay-On-Foot station accepts cash and credit cards.