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Emergency Backup Power
Emergency Contacts
Protocol is in place establishing emergency contacts with all building service providers and tenant contacts to keep lines of communication open at all times.

2000 kW diesel fuel emergency generator powers all required Life Safety equipment, elevators, limited a/c, exhaust fans, and electrical requirements up to 4 watts per square foot within tenant spaces. Space for additional tenant supplied emergency generator is available. 

Back-up generator powers up as soon as the power goes down and runs for 27 consecutive hours on one fuel tank.

Contingencies are in place to provide priority status fuel replenishment in case of disastrousous event (i.e. hurricane, tornado, etc.).

Life Safety Systems
24/7 Fire alarm panel monitoring of the entire facility provided. Smoke containment per floor utilizing a state-of-the-art pressurization system. Automated fire alarm system includes an annunciator, audible horns and visual strobes. Building is fully sprinkled with emergency-powered fire pump located on ground floor.