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UM Tissue Bank
Community Blood Centers of Florida, Inc.
Community Blood Centers of Florida, Inc, (CBCF) is a non-profit all voluntary blood collection agency. Each year, CBCF collects over 250,000 pints of blood and blood products for hospital and kidney dialysis patients. CBCF serves Southeast and Central Florida.

Established in 1970, the University of Miami Tissue Bank (UMTB) is the oldest academic institution of its kind in the United States. UMTB came about and evolved in an effort to provide safe and effective bone and soft tissue grafts to patients long before allograft bone transplantation was widely accepted. UMTB has always been focused on safety and the advancement of knowledge in allograft use. More scientific peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and innovations have come from UMTB either directly or indirectly than from any other organization of its kind. UMTB continues to be a leader in transplantation research and has maintained an impeccable safety record.

As the only university-run tissue bank, UMTB works closely with surgeons and basic science investigators to advance the field of bone and soft tissue transplantation. Our scientific endeavors include clinical trials to confirm and improve graft efficacy for oral surgery, orthopaedic tumor and spine surgery, and sports injuries. When warranted, we engage commercial entities for these studies. As a multidisciplinary organization of surgeons, pathologists, scientists and technicians, we have safely recovered, processed, distributed and implanted aseptically processed bone, cartilage and soft tissue grafts in thousands of patients. 

We are proud of our history and excited about our future as we continue to explore new ways to help others.


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University of Miami Tissue Bank

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