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Research Accelerators

The UM Life Science & Technology Park will maintain offices and small laboratories for emerging companies, providing a place for companies to accelerate their corporate development with pre-constructed generic wet bench laboratory and office suites, and shared facilities  available on flexible lease terms and timetables. The Innovation Center is designed to appeal to those accelerator companies that need flexibility and small, generic laboratory and/or office space on a relatively short-term basis while enabling them the opportunitiy to grow within the park, these companies include:

  • Incubation stage companies
  • New technology-based entities from neighboring institutions
  • International start-ups that wish to incubate in the U.S.
  • Researchers wanting to cooperate with start-up companies to apply for SBIRs and other grants not covered by academic grants
  • Post-incubator companies needing lab space
  • Surge/swing space uses
  • Existing client companies needing faster expansion timelines
  • Academic institution faculty recruits needing space immediately
  • Growing companies waiting for expansion space to be completed

We hope to provide future tenants access to a broad array of business building resources to support their growth and development, for example:

  • Facilitates access to business consulting services, strategic planning and market assessment, including assistance with early stage competitive market analysis and development of strategic plans 
  • Corporate office services including physical facilities and all the necessary administrative and business office equipment
  • Access to potential angel investors, venture capitalists, and other investment capital contact information
  • Extensive support from partner organizations who are experienced in assisting, including legal and accounting services 
  • Economic development support

Amenities provided in the Innovation Center will include:

  • Chemical/fume hoods
  • Shared conference rooms
  • Shared rooms for equipment
  • Community space equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, cabinets, a whiteboard, table, and chairs
  • Back-up power generation